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Red Teaming Associates relies on extensive and independent field research to inform our clients, as reflected in our reports and training programs. Primarily focused on Middle East, South & Central Asia, we provide comprehensive analysis of: 

  • Social, political and economic challenges to stability - complex human terrain, ineffective governance, lack of rule of law, etc.

  • Terrorism and insurgency dynamics - enemy adaptation, enemy network-analysis, forecasting enemy behavior, etc.

  • Information Operations - Psychological warfare, public diplomacy, strategic communication, etc.

To win the international community must integrate its military, diplomatic and economic efforts. Knowing what ails current military, diplomatic or private sector efforts is crucial for effective decision-making. 

Our clients expect us to help them find a structured approach grounded in sound academic and field research. 

Why Red Teaming Associates?


  • We define Red Teaming as a consistent effort to question conventional wisdom. We examine problems away from the pitfalls of group think and linear solutions. 

  • Instead, we assess the weaknesses of an existing strategy, test alternatives, design improvements, and finally, advise military, government and corporate clients to adopt more effective and counterintuitive solutions. 

  • We accomplish that by stepping away from the normal solutions, approaching the problem with novelty,and incorporating hitherto ignored factors and approaches, such as cultural, religious and ethnic analysis; thus producing distinct remedies for complex challenges.

Today, more than ever American and international security and economic viability are intertwined with the fate of developing nations. We cannot overestimate, for example, the value of a stable Pakistan with the world's fifth largest army, third-largest Muslim population, and the fastest growing nuclear arsenal. In Pakistan and elsewhere terrorist syndicates like Al Qaeda continue to expand through associates in France, United Kingdom, Yemen, Somalia and the United States; they exploit state weaknesses, and attract millions of disenfranchised Muslim youths from the Middle East, South and Central Asia.

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